Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where is time going?

I came to a horrible realization this morning. My baby is going to be 4 in 5 days! Where has the time gone??? Emma's always been one of those kids that's mature for her age so I don't normally think of her as "only" 3...but why does the label "4" seem so much older than "3?" AAAAH! We let her pick out the bike she wants yesterday, now we just have to go pick it up sometime without her. We'll be getting her a 16" bike this year. She just got one last year for her birthday but the kid grows like a weed and it's already too small for her! I'm thinking we'll go to Target today and pick her up a few things, she desperately needs school clothes and shoes. I'm just not sure how I'm going to convince her that they have to be for her birthday and not now!

Yesterday I went to my mom's in the morning and helped her with Lisa's tribe. She FINALLY went to go get some birth control so hopefully she won't have any more kids. I know that's horrible to say but given the circumstances her kids are growing up in and how much Mom and I take care of those kids (and provide for them), she doesn't need anymore. We came home about lunch time, since Emma was up at 5:30 again yesterday, the girls at lunch then took naps. I was super stoked because I got to talk to Sheana for quite awhile yesterday! Once the girls woke up we went and got groceries, and I had to pick up Levi from daycare. Yes, we had Levi, again yesterday. It was not a good day for him either. He got in trouble at daycare and he got in trouble, um, most of the night at our house. Ryan came over too, but of course it was raining and they had to play in the house. Emma and Ryan behaved at least!

I think we're going to head to Target today. Emma needs lots of clothes and well, yesterday Aaron told me about a super cute dress his wife got and um, I think I need it. Plus, it's on sale! ;) Tomorrow we're probably going to go to the thrift stores in Pontiac and Lexington. Like I said, Emma and I both need clothes and I hate to pay full price for anything. Especially for us since we both go through clothes so fast.

Well, Emma just woke up (yay for sleeping until 7:15!) so I'm gonna watch a little Zack & Cody with her before Madelyn wakes up.

Until next time...

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