Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I should just quit...

I'm soo bad about blogging this summer. If anyone's still following, I apologize! ;)

Yesterday we took another trip to the zoo. The girls absolutely LOVE to go and since we have the membership, all I have to pay for is the gas to get up there. We went with Mom and Aunt Kathy this time. Emma's been dying to ride the "train," so we decided we'd do that this time. Well, that took up the majority of the trip. It took us almost an hour and a half for that once we waited to get on and rode. The ride itself was an hour! After that we went into the Dinosaur exhibit and I was SO surprised that Emma really loved it. She kept saying, well, I think convincing herself, "Mom! ^hehehehe^ The dinosaurs are dead! They won't bite me! ^hehehe^" It was kinda cute!

Thank God swimming lessons are over. I have some "normalcy" and somewhat of a schedule back in my life. We all know how well I do when things do go as normal. I need my schedule and with swimming lessons at 10 AM...that really shot any morning plans for us to shit. Plus, as much as I love Levi, it's nice not having to deal with him on top of my two. I could never do the whole babysitting thing.

I can not believe that summer is almost over! We should be getting word soon about Emma and school. We're not sure yet if the funding for her preschool program was cut or not. I emailed her teacher the other day but I haven't heard from her yet. I suppose once it gets closer to school starting I'll worry.

Speaking of Miss Thang, her birthday is coming up. I seriously CAN NOT believe my baby is going to be 4 *wwwaaaaaahhhhh* I made her invitations and I'm SO proud of them. They turned out really cute...here's a peek...

*everything from Dani Mogstad Pop Rocks*

She of course wants Hannah Montana everything (surprise, surprise) and I even let her invite a few friends this year. We're just having her party in the yard so I figured that that's not a tall order. She chose to have hot dogs and "hangabers" so we're going to make oven browned potatoes, the hamburger/bean concoction my aunt makes, tomato/onion/green pepper salad, Rosemary's making cookies, and Glo's bringing the chips. I figure that plus cake (and I'm sure my Aunt Kathy's making something else sweets wise) will be more than enough.

That's about it for us. Just kind of hanging out enjoying the weather we're having. I can say I'll be better about blogging but I think until Emma goes back to school, that's not going to be the case!

Until next time...

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