Saturday, May 2, 2009

The WORST morning EVER

Ugh! So, this morning starts out like any other Saturday morning. I get the girls all ready and we head over to my mom's house to take her grocery shopping. She had her knees replaced last summer and still has a hard time carrying groceries up the stairs and in the house, so I help her out. We drive to Wal-Mart, me, my mom, the girls, and my niece. Everyone gets out of the car, shuts their doors, and I stand there to get Madelyn out of her seat. All the doors are all shut, except Madelyn's, so I go ahead and lock them so I can just shut her door, put her in the cart and we can go. Emma comes flying over to my mom and starts talking about something...SO excited. Next thing I know, she's SCREAMING. I had shut the car door and her fingers were in there!!!!

I set Madelyn down on the ground, she starts screaming because Emma's screaming, my mom's yelling, "Open the door! Her fingers are in there!!!" I'm freaking out trying to get the keys out of my pocket because I can't open it...I'm shaking so bad on top of it all because I hurt my poor baby...I finally get her fingers out and she won't let anyone look at them. She's just running around the car, crying hysterically saying, "I want my Daddy...I want my blankie!" Finally we get to see it and her middle finger is already swollen and black and blue :( I make the decision that it's probably best to take her to the ER and she freaks, thinking they're going to hurt it more. They were fabulous at the hospital, got us in sooo fast, we got her x-rayed and thank broken bones. Poor baby is having a hard time using her hand still but aye yi yi!

We're getting in the car on the way out of the ER and she says to me, "Mom, don't slam my fingers in Punky's door again, OK?" Gotta love kids!

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Faye said...

omg you poor thing!! I know you're like me, and inadvertently hurting one of your kiddos has you beating yourself up and totally freaked. I'm glad nothing was broken, but I wish it hadn't happened for both your sakes! *hugs*