Monday, May 25, 2009

May Recap

Wow. I suck at blogging now that summer's here. Sorry reader(s)!

Our May has been eventful to say the least! Darik is back into the swing of working ALL THE TIME, already. He's been working 50-60 hour work weeks already so I've been spending lots of time tending to the girlies. Our biggest "memory" this month was Madelyn getting tubes on the 19th. Finally, she'll get some relief from all those ear infections. Emma has been enjoying playing outside every day possible. I've learned that I LOOOOVE to shop at Old Navy :) OH and we also got a membership out at the local beach club. I'm hoping that both girls will love being out there all summer long. I know I won't mind sitting on the beach! That's about it. I'll try to catch up on the nothingness soon

Until next time...

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listgirl said...

Hi Laura! I like your blog remodel! LOL at your Old Navy shopping sprees. When I lost weight a few years ago, I went on clothes-buying binges. Now? Not so much.