Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Seriously. Where has this week gone? We had such a busy weekend so we haven't done much the past couple days. Darik got rained out Monday and Tuesday so that meant our normal weekday schtuff was totally set off kilter. We did a whole lotta nuthin. I watched Twilight twice yesterday. Now before you go saying I'm a psycho, let me explain. Darik put it on after I put Madelyn down for a nap. I knew damn well he was going to fall asleep, and he did. So, I watched it. He woke up pretty soon after it was over and wanted to watch I watched it again with him. LOL I really don't hate it anymore and I am getting so excited for New Moon to come out. Loser, I know!

Today Madelyn goes for her one year shots :( We were supposed to go last week but we had the whole rash thing going on and didn't make it there. It kind of sucks because today is Emma's Grandparents Day after school. I'm going to pick her up at 2:30, just fart around for a little while and then drop her off at school with my mom. My mom will take her to Grandparent's Day while I take Mads for her shots and then I'll pick up Emma after I get home. I didn't realize the two were going to overlap when I made the appointment last week..DOH!

I'm sooo happy for tonight. Gloria and John (the IL's) went on vacation until Saturday. Well, Matt offered to make dinner for Emma and keep her over there for the night instead of them coming here...can anyone else say THANK THE GOOD LORD UP IN HEAVEN?!

That's about all I've got for today. I've been a scrapping fool lately but other than that, I got nothing!

Until next time...


Whit said...

Do I even have to tell you how happy I am you're excited for NM??

listgirl said...

I still haven't read any of the Twilight books. I haven't seen the movie either.