Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday morning catch up

You can totally tell that nice weather is here. I'm spending less and less time in the house and more and more time outside with the girls. Emma would play outside all the time if I let her. This is one of the reasons I love having a big yard...and a deck. All of Emma's friends (and ours) come to our house to just hang out with the kids play. That's what our weekend has consisted of.

Wednesday I wound up having to take Madelyn to the doctors...yes again. Monday night when I got her in the bathtub she had sort of a lacy rash on her torso and back. I thought maybe she was just cold and kind of passed it off as nothing. The next day when she woke up it was much more prominent. I wanted to wait a day since I had given her grapes for the first time the night before. By the time I put her in the tub Tuesday night, you could see it creeping up her neck. If it was still there in the morning, I was DEFINITELY going to take her to the dr's. So, next morning she wakes up, poor baby's cheeks are purple and the rash is allll over her forehead. I couldn't get her in until that afternoon so not only did I have to wake her up from her (much needed) nap, but I had to take her back to the dr's. A 1/2 hour drive there and a 4 minute dr's appt...for them to tell me that she's allergic to the penicillin/amoxicillin. I didn't know that kids could have an allergic reaction after they'd had the antibiotic a few times, but obviously that can happen. This kind of worried me since she has ear infections so much but the dr. reassured me that there are other antibiotics they can prescribe. I'm not allergic to anything and neither is Emma so that was all new to me. Yet another way that Madelyn is ALL Darik.

Thursday we played outside...ALOT. It was the first 70 degree day we've had in forever and the kids were soaking it up. Madelyn absolutely loves her baby swing and she swang for an hour that day. Just letting me push her and not saying a peep.

Friday was a fun day. When Emma got home from school, I told her she didn't have to nap (a HUGE treat for her) and Levi, Matt, Lynae, Keigan, Breleigh, Erik, Emily, and Ryan all came over. I made a big ol' pot of spaghetti and some garlic bread (that I couldn't eat LOL) for Matt, Lynae, Darik and the kids. We just sat outside, ate, and let the kids play until about 8 that night. Have I mentioned that I'm SO happy warmer weather is here? I love this part of the summer. It's so nice to have everyone over, chill out on the deck, and the kids just LOVE to play outside. Plus, it makes bedtime super easy. LOL

Yesterday was our first trip to the zoo of the year...and let me tell ya...everyone else in Northern Illinois had the same idea too. It was sooooo busy. Darik and Matt were going golfing yesterday so I was going to have to watch Levi anyway and Lynae had mentioned that they were going to go to the zoo, so I figured why not. We met Lisa there with her husband and their ninety-five kids and we just walked around for um, 5 1/2 hours yesterday. The kids were sooooo good. Levi stayed with us and didn't whine or throw a fit once! Emma had her usual drama queen outbursts every once in awhile but overall, she was VERY well behaved. It helped that Skylar was there with her, Sky is like her idol. Kyle was very helpful with Madelyn. Madelyn just absolutely adores him so that made things easier for me. My mom also came with us to help out with the kids. I'm a scaredy cat and don't think I could handle three kids by myself, especially when one of them doesn't even walk yet. We wound up meeting Lynae at the beginning of the zoo but lost her about 20 minutes after we got there. We finally left about 3:30ish and Levi and Madelyn fell asleep almost immediately after we got in the car. Emma on the other hand was totally overtired and wouldn't fall asleep. Levi and Madelyn only got about 1/2 an hour of sleep on the ride home (an hour drive) because Emma couldn't leave them alone. On the way home Darik called me to tell me that Matt's girlfriend (Kris) and her son Cole were going to come over and we'd cook out again. SO, we got home about 1/4 to 5 and of course Matt and Darik weren't here but Kris and Cole were playing outside. Levi and Emma were fighting like cats and dogs...which I totally expected since they were so well behaved at the zoo...and poor Cole was tired because he hadn't taken much of a nap...but it really was a nice time. Needless to say, the girls were in bed before 8 last night, and Darik and I were in bed by 8:30 LOL

Today I'm meeting a bunch of the girls I worked with at the Empress for lunch at the Olive Garden. I'm SO excited. I haven't seen most of them for a couple years. Lynae and Keli will be there, but they're the only ones I see on a regular basis. I'm just glad I get to go on a "big people" lunch date! :o)

Until next time...


Faye said...

Sounds Awesome, hon! I am so happy to vicariously enjoy the beginning of summer through you! :D

listgirl said...

Sounds like you're finally enjoying the weather over there! Sorry about the rash and that you had to go to the doctor again. :(