Saturday, April 11, 2009

More randomness...

That seems to be what's going on in my head a lot lately!

Yesterday was one of those days. Matt called me at like 9 AM and wanted to know if he could drop Levi off. I knew it was going to be a fighting day between Emma and Levi because Emma woke up all kinds of ornery. I told Matt he could drop Levi off when Madelyn finally woke up. So about 10:30 (yes, she slept until 10:30) he came and dropped Levi off. I was sooo right about the kids. They fought and told on each other most of the time they played together. Seriously, that makes me want to poke my eyes out with a spork...honestly. There is nothing worse than listening to them fight and tattle on each other. I realize I should probably get used to it since I'm sure it'll happen more often than not once Mads is older but come on! They cry because they can't play with each other and then they act like that. Totally torques me off. I was only supposed to have him for a couple hours but of course noon rolls around and Matt calls to ask me if Levi can stay. I guess the people who were at his grandma's fixing the sewage back up (a whole different story that I'm so not getting into) were old and he was helping them do all the digging and stuff. I told him point blank that Levi could only stay until 1. I'd feed him lunch and then my girls needed to take naps. Emma had been up at 6, Madelyn woke up with a 103 fever...they needed a nap. Lucky for him *teehee*, he didn't argue with me and he was here a little before 1. Have I mentioned that I think I see Levi more than he does?? I love the kid but, wow.

Lynn came over yesterday to go through the clothes that don't fit me anymore. She wound up taking home about 2 bags of clothes...I'm glad I could help her out with that. I felt bad for her though. She's really gained some weight in the past year and a half and just recently it's gotten really bad. Emma woke up from her nap while Lynn was here so of course she wanted to sit with her and play with her. At one point, Emma had to go to the bathroom and she wanted Lynn to go with her. Well, as they're walking to the bathroom, I hear Emma say, "Lynnie? Do you have a baby in your belly?" I about passed out right then and there. Lynn told her "No, it's just fat!" but about embarassing!

Emily and Ryan came over last night for awhile. Emma saw they were home and was dying for Ry Guy to come over. They weren't here for very long but it was nice to just sit and chat. Erik went turkey hunting so Emily's home with Ryan by herself. They're supposed to come over tonight so we can exchange the kids Easter stuff.

Darik worked till almost 6 last night so we didn't see much of him yesterday :( The kids and I had "bad Mommy" dinner last night. They got Burger King and I had a chicken ceasar salad from McD's. It kills me that Madelyn eats almost as much of a meal as Emma does.

Darik's going to get our beef today. Every year we order a third of a cow so we don't have to buy beef and it is the best option for us, EVER. This year we opted to get a 1/2 instead of 1/3. I can't wait to see it...that'll be a shit ton of meat!

Notice I haven't said a lot about Madelyn from yesterday? Poor baby woke up about quarter after 10 yesterday morning, from 7:30 last night, burning up. Her fever was 103. I immediately called my mom freaking out. She has been cutting teeth, but I also know that influenza A and B are going around here. I had talked to her dr's office and of course they only worked a half day yesterday so they didn't call me until they were closed. I gave her some motrin and the fever went down. Come about 12:30 she was already acting like she wanted a nap. So, I gave her lunch and put her down for a nap. I woke her up at 4:30. She woke up with the fever again, only this time it was a little higher. I of course felt horrible for her so she seriously sat with me until we left to get dinner...she ate...played for about 20 minutes...then she sat with me until I put her in the tub at 7. Her temperature went down to about 102 when I put her to bed and at 8 AM this morning, she's still sleeping. So, do the math there. She was up for about 6 hours yesterday. Needless to say, if she has even a slight fever this morning, she's going to the dr. I know that one of my friends little girl has Influenza A and B so I'm definitely going to have her checked for that. They refused to give her a flu shot this year because she was under 6 months old. I just feel so bad for her!

Emma's going on an Easter egg hunt with Matt, Kris, Levi, and Cole today so at least she'll be out of my hair this morning. LOL I love the kid, can't ya tell? :o)

My friend Christine posted about this on her blog and I loved it, such a cute idea. This site called Wordle takes random words, either words you post or you can put in your blog address, and makes a collage of sorts with the most used words. Kinda cool!

Here's mine:
title="Wordle: Untitled"> src=""
alt="Wordle: Untitled"
style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd">

You can check it out here

I guess that's about it for me today....I'm a little long winded, again. I need to eat, take a shower, get Ems ready and wake up Punk to see how she's doing. Until next time....

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Faye said...

Ohhh, I hope Mads feels better soon, hon! And yes, definitely prepare yourself for when she is bigger... as much as Zack and Lily adore each other, wow do they fight!