Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Holy "I've missed a lot Batman" Post

This is going to be a long post...I can just tell!

Alright...I did wind up having to take Punk to the doctors Saturday morning. Her fever was 102 when I got her up and she was not happy to be getting up. Emma had gone with Matt and Kris to the Easter egg hunt in Morris so it was just my mom and Madelyn. We get her there and the poor baby is just horrible. She's just laying on us, burning up, her eyes are all glassy, I'm freaking out something is horribly wrong. They called us in pretty quickly. Dr asks me his usual, "what are her symptoms?" "Has she been eating?" "Is she drinking enough?" all while he's examining her. He goes to lay her down and says, "Has she been pulling at her ears at all?" as she pulls on her ear. Yup, she has ANOTHER ear infection. This is the third one in just as many months. He told me that the next ear infection will mean tubes :( The general rule is 3 in 3 months or 4 in a year. They'd really like to try to hold off until next fall since spring usually means less ear infections and colds in general. She's doing better now but we had a rough couple of days...including Easter.

Easter was a good day overall. Emma was up before 6 AM ready to tear into her basket. Madelyn stayed in bed till about 9 AM. We went to my parents for brunch and it was sooo good. We had way too much food as always. There was egg casserole, french toast casserole, hashbrown casserole, oven browned potatoes, biscuits and gravy, coffee cakes, ham, and good ol' bacon. It was definitely a houseful. We had all my family (hell, Lisa's family alone is 7) plus my Aunt Kathy and her family. Darik went golfing with Matt around noon and I took the girls home to take a nap. 4:30 rolled around and we went to Darik's parent's house. They had turkey, mashed taters, broccoli and cheese, jello salad, ribs, and baked beans. Such a nummy day. The girls, of course, made out like it was Christmas, and the candy is overflowing from every spot in the house.

Yesterday was a do nothing day. Darik got rained out from work, it rained all day and was cold. Madelyn still wasn't 100% but she was better. We went to my moms to make ham and bean soup and to divvy up the rest of the ham that was left.

Today was Emma's first day back to school...and can I get an AMEN for that? She has been so ornery lately. Yesterday she sat in her room throwing a fit for half an hour because there was a ladybug on her stairs. She tore down the blinds, she broke the lamp in her room, she sat in her bed throwing everything she could reach...just not typical Emma. Well, what used to be typical Emma. Today was another one of those days here. She was sitting on the floor playing with Madelyn and Madelyn tried to get Emma's glasses off her face. Well, Emma took it upon herself to hit Madelyn's hand instead of asking me to reprimand her, like she normally would. Needless to say, Emma got a pop on the booty and sent to time out. I don't know if it's because she gets bored staying at home with me when she doesn't have school or what it is, but, it's getting old, real fast.

I'm super, super stoked. Sunday I get to go out for a girls day out with some of the girls I worked with at the Empress. It'll be the first time I've seen some of them in a couple years. I just can't wait.

I'm sitting here scrapping/blogging/catching up on DVR stuff. Have you ever checked out "In Treatment" on HBO? If not...I highly, highly recommend it. Very addictive. A new season just started and I'm hooked again!

I suppose that's all for now...Until next time...

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listgirl said...

"In Treatment" is addictive...LOL. Get it? Hope Madelyn is feeling better, and NO MORE ear infections!