Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring has sprung

First of all I have to say thank GOD for some warmer weather. Yesterday was just absolutely perfect. In fact, all week has been gorgeous thus far. We've been playing outside a lot so that's why I haven't been around much. There's lots of pics at (shoot me an email if you need the password). It has been so nice to get out and walk and just let the girls play outside. It's made for some much better moods around here.

Not a whole lot has been going on around here. Darik went back to work today...that is DEFINITELY a good thing! He didn't put his name on the out of work list this year so if his company hadn't called him back, we would have pretty much been screwed. He's VERY happy to be back and although I miss's nice to have him back at work at the same time.

I wound up having to take Mads to the dr's again yesterday. She hasn't been sleeping at all since her first ear infection. Well, she'd been acting like she had another one for the past few days. I took her in and wound up being the overbearing mother again. She doesn't have an ear infection, thank goodness, but she's got 4 more teeth coming in! Fabulous! Dr. Aschinberg prescribed us some medicine, sort of like Benadryl, that's supposed to help her get back into a "normal" sleeping pattern but it so didn't help last night. She was still up from midnight till about 1:30. I've decided to just throw in the towel with this kid. She just isn't a sleeper.

Speaking of Madelyn...I win the worst Mommy award for this one, I swear. Today I was in the bathroom and I heard her in the kitchen. No worries, there's child locks on the cabinets, nothing was on the floor, her little magnet things were on the fridge, and I always shut the door going downstairs. Way wrong answer. I had forgotten to shut the door and of course she had to go investigate as soon as I was gone. Our entryway into our house is a landing. You can go downstairs to the basement or upstairs to the kitchen. There are 4 steps going to the landing from the kitchen and about 8 or 9 going down from the landing to the basement. Well, you guessed it, Madelyn fell down the 4 stairs to the landing. I think I cried worse than she did. My heart was literally in my stomach as soon as I heard *thud* *thud* SCREAM. She only (yah, only, that sounds great right?) fell down the 4 stairs onto the landing but oh my God. Look at my poor baby!

She's napping now but, ugh. I felt HORRIBLE

I've always been one of those, "It'll never happen to me" types of gals. Never think anyone I know will ever have bad things happen to them, ya know what I mean? Well, I knew going into my surgery that one of the side effects right around 3-6 months was hair loss. I never gave it a second thought because I have plenty of hair to spare and well, it just wouldn't ever happen to me. Wrong again. I've started losing hair big time! You can't tell because, like I said, I have plenty to spare but who'd have ever thought I'd really lose my hair! I go tomorrow to get my hair done and I'm seriously going to warn Jen before hand. It's so bad.

Well, I'm going to eat lunch and get some scrapping done...OOOOH...speaking of scrapping...I have two FABULOUS CT opportunities coming up. One is a guest spot and one is for a wonderful new designer. I simply can. not. wait to tell who it is! I'm SOOO excited! :o)

Back to what I was saying...until next time...


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