Sunday, March 22, 2009

So, it's one of those days

Ugh. I swear, when it rains it pours in this household. I'll spare the details for later *teehee*

Yesterday the girls and I went with my mom to Kohl's. We got Madelyn her birthday outfit. We got her this cute little first birthday onesie and a little denim skirt. I figured that would be a lot easier for her to deal with than a big, frilly dress. She is SO not a dress kinda gal. Surprised? We also got Emma her Easter dress. She was so excited to get to pick out her own dress. She did a good job too. It's pink and mint green and has a little pink cardigan. Super cute and it looks so cute with her dark hair. I also bought myself some clothes! It was my first time really going shopping for myself in the "skinny" people section at Kohl's. Let me tell you, it felt SO good. I wound up having to go to the 'fat lady' section to get my pants but I can so live with that. I got a super cute pink silky floral shirt, some black pants, and a pair of khaki's. It was nice to try on clothes and not get all depressed!

Darik and I went out for dinner last night with the guys he guided with at the hunt club this winter. We went to Monte's in Ottawa and I actually had a really good time. I was worried since I didn't really know anyone but it really was fun. Minus the fact that I was violently ill on the way home. I got filet mignon and it came with a bernaise sauce. SO not a good idea. I had to have Darik stop 3 times on the way home and I almost didn't make it in the driveway. This was seriously the first time I've ever had "dumping syndrome," and I know now why people say how horrible it is. I won't go into details but lets just say, I won't be eating any bernaise sauce anytime soon!

This morning we took the girls to IHOP for breakfast and then stopped at WalMart so I could get Twilight. They did so good at the restuarant. Mads ate about a half a pancake and 2 strips of bacon, Emma had a whole pancake and about 3 strips of bacon, Darik had his usual blueberry pancakes with sausage links, and I had a tomato and cheese omelette. YUMMY is all I have to say! We lucked out with the girls. My omelette came with 3 pancakes (which I obviously couldn't eat) so they just ate those. I did order them a couple side orders of bacon but seriously, this me not being able to eat thing is kinda nice! LOL After breakfast we headed on over to WalMart so I could pick up Twilight. I swore to myself I wasn't going to get it since I was the one who complained so much about it after we saw it at the movies...but I had to get it! I want to watch it again to see if my attitude about it changes. I love the books so much, I almost want to love the movie too! I also got Aerosmith: Guitar Hero. I'm such a kid, I can NOT wait to play it! *giggle* Then we headed on over to Big "R" so Darik could look for some jeans, but he didn't find any. This afternoon we're going to go for a walk with Emily and Ryan. It's about 60 here today so we need to do something.

I'm sitting here catching up on some episodes of "In Treatment." It's another one of those depressing, psychoanalytical shows that I absolutely love. It's on HBO and I didn't watch all last season. Luckily, HBO is re-airing them all in little clumps every Sunday night. I really, really am enjoying it.

Like I mentioned earlier, it's one of those days in the house. Emma's coming down with a cold and she's super whiny and just not herself today. She's dying to play outside so we're trying to keep her in and nap when all she wants to do is play outside. Fun times! Poor Madelyn is still trying to cut those teeth. She's been such a trooper. You can see where they're coming in and her poor nose is so runny. She's fighting a nap too. That's no surprise though. All of you who know Madelyn knows the girl doesn't like to sleep, she's afraid she'll miss something!

I need to catch up on my scrapping. I've been trying to complete all of the daily challenges at SSD and I've been doing really well. I've been completing them pretty much daily but the past three I've just not had time to do. That's my goal for this afternoon. Finish those three. I'm pretty much caught up on CT stuff so that'll help.

I guess I should do that....BUT, before I's the latest picture of me. Darik took it yesterday morning.

Until next time...

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