Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lookie me....

I dunno....just a title! *giggle*

Today was pretty uneventful, well, sort of. This morning I took Emma and Madelyn to the mall so that I could get Emma's glasses adjusted. Madelyn is constantly grabbing at Emma's glasses and pulling on them, and Emma just lets her. It drives me NUTS. So they're constantly out of whack. It had gotten to the point now that they were crooked on her face. So, we went to the mall, got her glasses fixed, got the girls picture taken with the Easter Bunny (Emma was obsessed with the Easter Bunny today so how could I say no), got Emma some earrings and a cute little Princesses necklace at Claire's and the girls got Wendy's on the way home.

While the girls were taking a nap I went upstairs and started going through the piles of clothes I put away because I thought I'd never wear them again. Okay, time for a total neccesary tangent. We're starting to clean out the upstairs because first off, I'm hoping to get rid of the majority of my baby clothes and just all the baby crap, and second, we're going to move Emma upstairs in the next couple weekends. Poor Darik has horrible, horrible knees and the stairs going up to the upstairs are rather narrow and steep. Emma loves going up there in the morning to watch TV on the rare occasion that Punk is still asleep when she gets up. She asked me about a week ago if her room could be up there and that just set the ball rolling. Well, Darik got wind of that and he wants to move her now. We had planned on moving the girls up there when Madelyn got old enough to wake up the stairs but, hey, since Emma wants up there now, we're jumping at the opportunity. The upstairs is just one big room. Perfect for two little girls who have TONS of toys and just crap in general. We're going to get the "cage" to put around the railing so there will be no jumping over the railing and we'll also be getting a baby gate so they can play up there without Mads falling down the stairs. Let me just say that this will be AWESOME. I can send Emma and Levi, or whoever she has over, up there to play and then they aren't invading my living room, like it always happens now.

OK, done with the random tangent that was totally relevant. *giggle*

SO, I was upstairs going through the bags and bags of clothes and I seriously have so much stuff to wear that I thought I'd never wear again. I've got shorts that still have the tags on them, shirts with tags on them...it's kind of disgusting when you think about it, but think of the money I'm going to save this summer!!! Needless to say, I was a little excited.

Other than that, I got a whole lotta nuthin. Tomorrow I have to watch Levi. This could be either really good...but I'm guessing it's going to be really bad. Emma and Levi have a brother/sister relationship. They either get along really well or they hate each other. There's no in between. The past couple times he's been here they've hated each other so I'm hoping they get along tomorrow, for my sanity's sake.

Until next time....

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