Thursday, March 12, 2009

3 months already!

Yesterday was my 3 month follow up appointment. It was SO fun to see everyone and the progress that they've made. You could definitely tell who'd had gastric bypass and who had had lapband surgery. The gastric bypass patients had lost about 60 lbs and the band patients had lost about 30. Totally typical, but it was so interesting. We were told that band patients usually lose 75% of their excess body fat in the first 12-18 months were bypass patients lose that in the first 6-9 months. I am 35 lbs away from my 75% mark. That was absolutely mind blowing to me. At 75% they consider you a successful bariatric patient. Can you believe I'm only 35 lbs from that?? In 3 months! Amazing. Dr. Joyce said that everything looked fantastic and I was doing great. It's always nice to hear someone who is glad to see things progressing for you.

When I was in the hospital there was a younger girl there who I thought looked SO familiar and I couldn't place where I knew her from. Yesterday it hit me. She worked at the boat with me! I had trained her at one point. LOL I asked her yesterday and we talked for awhile. Talk about irony.

Today's going to be a busy day for us. Madelyn of course didn't sleep last night (little snot) so that makes for a long day, period. Julie is coming over this morning just to hang out since she's home. It'll be nice to let the girls play together for awhile and it'll be nice to just get to talk to Julie. She's brining along Sofia (obviously) and Dominick (my cousin David's little boy) so hopefully the kids will just entertain themselves. Then, Emma has school. Hopefully Mads will sleep a little this afternoon for me.

My mom (well, and dad too) met Lynn's boyfriend last night. Mom said he was a really nice guy. He works at some warehouse in Bolingbrook but he's on medical leave right now because he hurt his foot. She didn't have a whole lot to say about him so that must be a good thing. Lord knows she always points out the negative!

Anyway, I suppose I should start getting this house picked up and what not before Julie gets here. Until next time...

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