Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun times in the Wilson household

So, Emma is officially really sick. I did take her to the doctor this afternoon and she does indeed have strep. On top of it all, she's got scarlet fever. She's been running a pretty steady 102.7 temp for the past 24 hours. Sometimes the tylenol will bring it down, sometimes it won't. My biggest fear is that Madelyn will get it too. The dr. told me that the scarlet fever was more than likely due to the strep but I'm sure Madelyn can get it she will!

Tonight was kind of strange. First of all, it was rough because Emma's sick. She's one of those "I can't do it, I'm sick" kind of kids, which I totally sympathize with, but she cries at the drop of a hat. I have gotten SO used to Darik doing bath time around here that having to do it myself sucked! Totally makes me appreciate the little rat bastard! :o)

Anyway, that's really all for tonight. I'll leave ya with a really cute video of Madelyn. She's just so funny!

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listgirl said...

Oh Laura, it's no fun to be handling two sick little girls all by yourself! Bet you can't wait until Darik comes home tonight! I feel for ya.

Paula said...

UGH! Poor Emma... and poor you! I know just how you all feel right now. Isobela actually has scarlet fever as well. It must REALLY be going around.