Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Amazing friends...

When I'm feeling down, like I was yesterday, all I have to do is sit back and take stock of my life. Seriously. I have some of the best friends in the world. People who I haven't talked to in awhile still come to my rescue to make me feel better. My girls, even when they are being little devils, are the best thing I've ever done in my life. My husband, as much as I may bitch about him, would do absolutely anything for me, and I couldn't love him more for that. I really need to start focusing on the positive instead of the negative and the "coulda, shoulda, wouldas." I don't need more self-doubt and broken promises in my life. I found out last night that Grandma's wake is Thursday evening and then a memorial service will be Friday morning. I asked Matt to watch the girls Thursday night but didn't think about Friday. Hopefully he can do it for me. Emma would know Grandma and I don't think she's old enough yet to try to explain that to her. Hell, I'm 31 and I don't understand it all.

So, I don't know what's up but it almost feels like I pulled a muscle in my left side under my ribs. Every once in a while it really hurts when I get up or try to move too fast or something like that. Guess I just need to stop doing so much and take it easy. I tend to forget I had a major surgery just 2 weeks ago. Other than that, things are going well. Yesterday was a not so good eating day. I could hardly eat anything without feeling full. In fact, I had 5 bites of pork chops for dinner last night and that was all I could eat. I guess it's normal though to have days where you can't eat and then days where you eat "more" than you should. I hate the unknown but that's where I'm at. I'm sure I'll be learning for the rest of my life!

Emma's student of the week this week and she is SO excited. They all rotate turns and she's so excited she got the week before Christmas. She gets to bring show and tell all week. She can't wait to bring her baby Jodie to school with her (we all know the famous baby Jodie!) today. I felt bad because she didn't get to go to school yesterday but she was up throwing up through the night and then again in the morning, and the last thing I wanted to have to do was leave the house with Mads the way the weather was yesterday because Emma got sick at school. She did throw up through the night last night but she seems to be fine this morning, and was SO obnoxious yesterday. Wonder what's up with that?

I'd better get running. Mads is not impressed with the way Emma is "playing" with her and throwing a fit so I need to break that up. Hopefully we won't be buried in the snow that's supposed to be coming!

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