Tuesday, September 21, 2010

it's a full moon...yes?

lord.  these. children. are. insane. today.  every time i sit down to start typing i get interrupted by a crazy or something.  they're NUTS.  literally in madelyn's room bouncing off the walls.  no joke.

not a whole lot of interest in these parts today.  today was a catch up on the tv i missed last night kinda day.  i watched dancing with the stars...and omg...jennifer grey...bawled.  what the hell derek hough?  srsly?

the day started off kinda crappy.  just a bad morning, i'm not going into specifics.  i'll spare you that.  so after i dropped emma off at the bus stop, madelyn and i went for a bike ride.  i like going for a bike ride with her in her 'cart' because she pushes me.  the kid would go on a 20 mi bike ride if i'd let her.  her telling me she wants more is just the incentive i need.  so, we went for probably a 4 mi bike ride and it was MUCH needed.  helped me clear my head some.  we came home for awhile, i did some 'work,' and then we headed to the park with emily and nattie.  the girls had an absolute BLAST.  i love that they play so well together.  the thing that amazed me the most is the fact that the heat doesn't even seem to bother them!   they were both beat red and sweating and wouldn't stop for a second!

after the park i took miss madelyn to mcdonalds for a happy meal and then i was off to therapy.  my shoulder has gotten SO much better and i go back to see dr. rezin on the 28th.  i'm guessing he'll say that i'm good after i finish my 4 weeks....or i'm hoping LOL

guess what tonight is?!?!?!?! GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  i'm sooo excited it's back!

on that note, i'm off.  i have been trying all day to get a blog post and it is just NOT working.

until next time...

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