Monday, June 8, 2009

How is it June 8th already?!

Where does time go? Honestly!

This weekend was Gardner's all town garage sales. Emily and I had a sale Friday and Saturday and we both did pretty well. The stuff we didn't sell I gave to Gloria to bring to work with her. They work really closely with single mothers so I figure it's going to a good cause.

So Madelyn is officially walking now!! YAY! Wanna see??

Needless to say, I've been chasing her around a lot this weekend. It's fun though. She's still so proud of herself and it's so cute to see her running around.

Today was Emma's 6 month appointment for her eyes. What a fun trip that was. Can you tell that's OOOOOOOOOZING with sarcasm? We wound up waiting in this itty, bitty waiting room for an hour and a half. We get in there and they don't dialate her eyes or anything like they had said they were going to because we waited for so long and um, both girls were pretty much melting. Thank God Darik got rained out today and I had him with me. The doctor said since she had shown so much improvement and that she wasn't showing any signs of her eyes getting worse prescription wise, he wasn't really worried about it. We do have to go back in 4 months and then he'll do the full exam. No sense in doing surgery if there's no need. Can we say AMEN?! I thank my lucky stars every day that we didn't just listen to that doctor and went and got a second opinion. The glasses have helped her sooo much. Let's hope next appointment goes a little better.

We leave on Friday for Branson and to see Shawnna. I'm suuuuuuper excited. Not so much for the 8 hr drive down there but to see her and to go on a real, live vacation...even if it is just for the weekend.

This week is filled with "vacation prep." Tomorrow I have to go get blood drawn for my 6 month post-op appointment on the 17th. *Side note, I can. not. believe it's been 6 months already* Then I have to go get my hair cut at 4. Wednesday...I don't think we have anything. I'll probably clean house and what not so it's not a mess when we get back. Thursday we'll go shopping for the trip. I'll need enough snacks and what not to get us down there. Won't need groceries so much since it'll just be D here by himself, so, should be a pretty painless trip. Then early Friday morning we'll be leaving.

That's about it for today. Mads has decided not to nap today and she's getting into EVERYTHING so I must tend to this mess.

Until next time...

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