Thursday, May 7, 2009

Totally Thursday

I am SOOOO excited for tonight...major dork's the Grey's Anatomy wedding!! YAY! I have this sneaking suspicion that Mer/Der won't really get married but I'm holding on to that hope. I'm going to make sure I have my box of kleenexes next to me because I'm sure it's going to be a tear jerker!

We haven't really been doing a whole lot as of late. Playing outside, working with Madelyn on the whole walking thing, grilling out. We spend the majority of our days outside. That is for sure!

I have been reconnecting with a friend lately. Sheana and I had kind of drifted apart, she went back to work, Gab's diabetes, the woman is ALWAYS doing something, but we realized that both of us are always on line at night...and finally decided to start turning on yahoo messenger again! lol I felt like a piece of me was missing almost by not talking to her (I know, that sounds SO gay) but, it kind of calms me when I do talk to her. I'm glad that we're attempting to talk more. I feel like so much has flown by us in the past 13 months and I'm really glad that I'm getting to hear more about just the every day stuff with her.

In digi news....I MADE FEE JARDINE'S CREATIVE TEAM!!!! Think I'm excited?? I looove her stuff and I thought that applying was totally a long shot, but it was one of those things that I just had to do. SO stoked. I've been really blessed with creative teams as of late. Amy Stoffel. TOTALLY amazing. I am still pinching myself about making her team. Brandy is a TOTAL sweetheart and I love where her designs are going. The PGD girls (and designers) are just amazing. I love that the site is growing and the designs these ladies are pumping out are amazing. I am hoping and praying that Darcy never makes me leave my guest spot. I LOVE her's like she knows just what I want. Michelle is preggo right now and is kind of on hold with a lot, but I totally am loving what she's putting out too. Rachel is just Rachel. I will never leave her team...she'll have to throw me out kicking and screaming! :o)

I've decided that I'm going to finally check out my "cart" at Old I've had it sitting there for 2 weeks now because I just can't fathom spending $80-$100 on myself. I know, stupid, it's just been so long since I needed (or wanted) to go shopping for myself that I have that mindset now. Darik told me last night to check out and that could be my Mothers Day present. That almost made me feel better. I really wanted some new perfume but I do need the clothes more. Maybe I'll indulge in the perfume too!

Today we have to do the usual Thursday things. Deposit D's check and then go get groceries. Emma's got to bring ice cream cones for snack time today. They're going through the alphabet and picking a snack with each letter. Emma got 'i' and Mrs. Best is bringing the ice cream so I/Emma get the cones. I've decided just to drop her off at school because she'll smoosh the cones for sure!

Ok, this was obviously just a rambling post but I did it. I have a feeling that my blog posts will get more and more scarce since we'll be spending more time outside, but I really will try to be a good blogger...if anyone even reads this!

OHOH, for those of you who do read, do you have any good ideas for grill foods? I'm running out of ideas for our Friday night cook outs!

Until next time...

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Faye said...

Oooh ooh, I read!! :D

We love ham steaks on the grill. SO easy, they're already fully cooked so you're just heating/flavoring... they get an almost bacony taste... SO good!! Kabobs, brats, you can even put kielbasa on the grill! Fish (wrapped in foil) is super easy and zero cleanup. Pork chops (nom) and of course the usual ribs/hamburgers/hotdogs. Also you can foil wrap a potato and 'bake' it, toss your ear of corn right on there, etc. (which I'm sure you already know about but I thought I'd mention anwyay LOL).