Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Party recap and randomness

Madelyn's party went SOOOO well! She didn't have one melt down, which was definitely my worry for the day since the party was right in the middle of her nap time. I won't even sort of bore you with all the pictures but here's just a few...

She got TONS and TONS of clothes which is just what she needed, a cute little tea set that matches her purse, the Fridge DJ, a ball, and this really cute camera. Girl is stocked for summertime I'll tell ya that. It really sucked because all of Emma's summer stuff was 12 or 24 months and of course Madelyn is in 18 months. I wound up getting really sick after most everyone had left. I think it was the frosting from the cake but I'm really not sure but I'll tell ya what....I will not be trying cake again!

We've been having some major issues with Emma and her attitude. I'm guessing it's just the age but wow. I just don't even know where to begin with this child. She goes to time out, she apologizes, she's sorry for a little while but then it starts all over again. Last night, she spit on Levi. Seriously? Why would you spit on someone? I swear, some days I just want to lock her in her room and never let her out.

Yesterday was a TOTAL lazy day. Darik got snowed out...yes, snowed out in APRIL, so once Mads got up we went to Joliet to get Emma's glasses fixed. I was cleaning them Sunday before we left and the screw totally fell out. Nice mom! ANYWAY, once we got home, Emma went to school, Punk napped, and Darik and I sat around and did nothing. I scrapped 3 pages and Darik played Zelda um, till about 7 last night. LOL We kept saying, "It's almost like we don't have kids!" Madelyn slept for 3 1/2 hours and Emma came home and took a nap too so it was sooo nice.

Today is Madelyn's 1 year check up. No shots, thankfully. We go next Wednesday for those. I'm so curious to see what her stats are.

Well, that's about all from me, not much new around here.

Until next time...

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