Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is it really March already???

Where is time going? Is it just me? Is this year flying by? I can not believe that Madelyn is going to be a year old in just a little over a month. I was just having her, honestly!

Not much new here in the Wilson household. Madelyn has another ear infection. This time has been a lot worse than the last one. She's still running a slight fever, her poor little nose is running like crazy, and she's got this HORRIBLE cough. The doctor said her lungs sounded fine but I'm honestly thinking of giving her a couple breathing treatments. She just gets these coughing fits and she can't stop. She honestly coughed for about 30 minutes last night. Poor baby.

My good news...I'm very safely under 200 lbs now! :D You just don't even know how happy that makes me. Soon I'll actually weigh what it says on my drivers license LOL There are so many little things lately that have been making me excited. The whole Old Navy thing just still pleases me to no end. Yesterday when we stopped at WalMart to get Madelyn's prescription, I had to get some new underwear, since mine no longer fit. I got to buy bikini style underwear...and they actually fit!!! I had to run in the house the other day because I forgot my keys and it didn't bother me to run. I didn't feel like everything was flopping around everywhere and I didn't really get winded. All these little things that "normal" people take for granted. I just couldn't be happier. All the rough stuff in the beginning has been SO worth it.

The next week or so ought to be interesting. Darik goes Thursday and Friday to the ENT. His ears have a ton of fluid behind them again so he'll more than likely have to get tubes again. Monday, Emma has her follow up appointment at Children's Memorial and Wednesday is my 3 month check up. I swear, we're always at some doctor's office. I'm going to try to go grocery shopping tomorrow...we'll see.

I'm off for now. I need to get some scrapping done before Emma gets home and Mads gets up!

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