Monday, February 9, 2009

Love the sunshine....

Yes, I really do. That being said, I'm still in a crappy mood today! hehe

This weekend was actually pretty decent. Saturday we went grocery shopping with Mom and of course Emma decided we had to eat at Wendy's for lunch. Came home and the girls napped...and so did I! That NEVER happens. Sunday morning we went to Joliet to get Emma's glasses adjusted. Poor baby, they kept falling off her face so we needed to get them fixed. Then we went to Target for the googly eyes for Wednesday and a couple other things, and we went to Wendy's for lunch AGAIN. LOL The girl LOVES Wendy's and I'm ok with going there because they have a pretty good variety of stuff I can actually eat. Saturday I had a little bit of Mom's Chicken BLT Salad (thank God I can eat veggies again), and then yesterday I had a cheeseburger (sans bun of course). Everything sat very well! Hopefully now I can eat like a "normal" person again.

Well, we're having issues with Madelyn sleeping again. It never ends right? She has that blasted cold still and while she's not waking up at night, she's crying in her sleep, which is just enough to wake me up. It's not once or twice a night, it's every hour and sometimes every 1/2 hour. The worst part is that when she naps during the day, I don't always get to because Emma's awake. I love the girl to death but she is just NOT a sleeper. I wonder if she's getting more teeth but I know that she's also started pulling up on stuff. I guess it's probably a mixture of her cold, the teeth, and learning new things but, aiy, yai,'s getting to be a little much.

Not much else is new around here. Darik has decided that he's going to rip up the carpet in the front entryway and install ceramic tile. YAY! I hate how gross the carpet gets from Emma going in and out to the bus so hopefully that'll eliminate all that.

I may be back later today...I'm too tired right now to think straight! LOL

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