Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Post Op Day 2

I'm actually feeling pretty good today! I got up and walked 4 times, and I'm hoping to do one more tonight. The pain is actually pretty comparable to a c-section...just up a little higher. I'm on my "liquid diet" today. I got a bowl of broth, some jello and some tea, plus a bottle of water, at each meal. It seems like it's easier to tolerate the warm "foods" than the cold ones. Don't know if that's normal but I guess I'm going to learn what's best for me as time goes on. I finally started passing gas today. I know, I know, not what you want to read but that's a big deal! They were kind of upset that I didn't all day yesterday but today I've been burping up a storm. I've only had to use my morphine pump a couple times today, and it was usually when I had gotten up to walk or sit in the chair. I really, really want a shower but I've still got this damn catheter. I don't know if they'll take it out in the morning or what. If I don't get to go home tomorrow I think I may have a breakdown. I don't do well in hospitals for long periods of time at all. I've got everything still, catheter, IV's, drain...that just seems weird to me that they wouldn't want to monitor me without it. Who knows' though, I'm new to all this!

Poor Emma's not doing so well with me not being at home. I talked to her 3 times before she left for school this morning and then once when she got home. She keeps asking me, "mommy, you feel better?" I think she thinks that if I'm feeling better I'll get to come home sooner. I explained that I'll be home tomorrow when she gets home from school and that seemed to make her feel a little better about the whole thing. She had a field trip today to the local Christmas Tree farm, and I hope she loved it. She told me that she was going to cut down trees today LOL It just slays me how much she talks anymore. She went from nothing to what seems like talking to a 5 year old. It's crazy. She cut out snowflakes with my mom this morning and that's all she's talked about. I don't know why I never thought to do that with her! Now that we've got the cutting thing down we can't get her to not cut. Oh the irony right?

Madelyn is getting a tooth...and I can't say that I'm sad I'm not home for it! My mom called me about 3 today and said Madelyn had a little fever and that she was just crying and she couldn't put her down. I told her to give her some ibruprofen and try a bottle and to call me after that. So, she called back about 4 and said the ibruprofen had helped and that she felt the start of a tooth coming in. I feel bad for Darik but hey, I've been up with her at night for 8 months. He can handle a couple days! If she's not better by Friday I am going to take her back to the doctors. He gave her amoxicillan on Friday last week and said that if she wasn't better to bring her back. It totally sounds like teeth though. Mom said she's drooling like crazy (which is no different than usual), chewing on anything she can get her hands on, snotty, and you just can't put her down. Hopefully it'll cut through tonight and I'll get to miss it! :D

I think that's about it from me. I'm getting tired and Lord knows they'll be in here poking and proding again all night!

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